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Why do I do this?

This is my favorite picture my wife has taken of me because it includes my children, my passion for music, my favorite band in the world, and my other favorite thing to do, traveling (this was taken in Dublin, Ireland). I'm so grateful you stopped by to check out Rouse Productions. I absolutely love helping people celebrate what they love to do, who they care about and special times in their lives through photos and videos. I officially made this a small business in 2018, and have been having an absolute blast spending time with everyone you see in the galleries on this site. The biggest difference you'll discover about me is that everything I do I pour my heart into. I care deeply about how your photos or video will make you feel and remember what you experience and the people who matter to you. I look forward to helping capture you and the people you love with photos and videos that you can hang on to for years to come.

Thank you, I appreciate you all!


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Lakeville, MN

Tel: 952.356.9667

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